What is our farming business?

Farming strawberries can be quite complex and requires some knowledge and skills. Here are some basic steps in the strawberry growing process:
Site Selection and Soil Preparation: The berry grows best in full sun with fertile, well-drained soil. Before planting plants on the site, deep loosening should be carried out, weeds and stones should be removed, and the soil should be fertilized.
Strawberry seedlings are grown from seeds or cuttings. Seeds are usually sown in February-March in containers with nutrient soil. Layers can also be obtained from old strawberry plants.
Strawberries can be planted both in open ground and in high beds or tunnels. Plants are placed at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other, and about 60 cm are left between rows.
Strawberry plants need regular watering, fertilizing and weeding. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the soil and treat plants from pests and diseases.

Cultivated varieties



The berries are large, rounded, bright red with bright green sepals. The pulp of the berry is juicy, sweet, fragrant. The average weight of a berry is 12-15 grams.



Alba strawberries are medium-sized, round, bright red. The pulp of the berry is juicy, sweet, with a delicate aroma. The average weight of a berry is about 7 grams.



The berries are large, round, dark red. The pulp of the berry is very juicy, sweet and fragrant, the average weight of the berry is about 20 grams.



Kent are large, round, red. The pulp of the berry is sweet and juicy, with a slight sourness, fragrant. The average weight of a berry is about 20 grams.


Heavy equipment

Delivery of products to various states and foreign markets



Refrigerators for storage of products with a capacity of 5000 tons


Recycling line

Line for processing strawberries for juice with a capacity of 8 tons per shift!


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We are located in an ecologically clean area. The main direction of our activity is the cultivation of strawberries. We are engaged in cultivation and wholesale trade.
In the domestic market, we supply wholesale and retail trade networks, we cooperate with processing enterprises.
We are the exclusive dealer of various companies and supply berries to all states.

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